Local SEO for Liverpool Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky business, especially when on a national level. However you will be please to know that if your business is only mainly targeting local customers then there are things we can do.

Local SEO for Liverpool

If you are a small to medium business targeting customer in a set area then with some small tweaks to your website and small budget I can achieve good results for local searches in Google and Bing. The key to local SEO is targeting website visitors by their location at the same time as what they are looking for. Alot of Local SEO is common sense, its kind of just making sure your cross the T’s and dot the I’s. There is a list I always use that I have compiled over the years and to be honest you can probably do most of it your self without too much technical expertise.

Here is my list and guide to how I approach local SEO for clients.

1 Claim your free listings in local directories

2 Google My Business – A must !!!

3 Your website content

4 Social Media ( you are probably already doing this )


1 Claiming your free listings in Local Directoris

Ok so before the internet got to the level it is today we all used the local directories that came through the letter box. Yellow pages , Thomson Local and all the others we where used to. Well these directories are still there they are just online now as well, and for the most part the directories allow you a basic listing for free. Now the benefit of these new online directories is two fold, firstly people still use them such as yell.com to search for businesses in their local area which is great and you WILL get customers from this. However in relation to Local SEO there is another hidden yet very powerful benefit to getting these listings. Most of them allow you to list your website address which will be seen by good old Google and this link will give your website a few points on the local SEO score board. Now the idea is that if you get enough of these links ( not too many we will go into this another time ) then Google and other search engines will see your website as more authoritative as all links are like little recommendations.




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